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Marriage guru (marriageguru.co.in) would like to welcome you to our service and thank you for your trust and confidence. We have proudly helped thousands of singles from around the world come together. It is our goal to do everything possible to ensure you have a safe and productive experience using our services/site. We have always been proud of and stood being the service we offer and we always will. If you ever feel there is an issue or a problem with any aspect from our services, please contact our Customer Service Department immediately and we will work with you to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.
The marriage guru have been launched with lot of experience of its Founder, directors and team members with social objective that marriages are done between two families, not just between two profiles .Its pioneered by an IITian. Its main features are:- 
a. It just charges you actual the fee incurred in running & maintenance of  website.
b. Fee is for UNLIMITED period.  You can view  for unlimited period the details of profiles for whom you have paid  Fee once.
c. Max parameters of any profiles have been included.
d. All searches, you can think have been incorporated.
Marriage guru founder Smt. Girija Satyarthi and all members of marriage guru team assures you of finest service and best experience on usage of the website for marriage.
For any further quarey please feel free to contact  Mr T. Prasad  7588101670

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The word "marriage guru" means ideal or as per expectations or perfect..!

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